Hello, world!

Welcome to Kyushu Travel Blog !

I am Kei , I live in Fukuoka city in Kyusyu, Japan.

This blog is for sharing recommended spots in Kyushu, especially Fukuoka city, the gateway to Kyusyu.

As you know, Kyusyu is Japan’s southernmost island, a dynamic landscape of active volcanoes, hot springs and fertile farmlands.

I would like to know many travelars a lot of good things of Kyusyu, Espacially, Fukuoka city .

Fukuoka is my home town, I was born and grow up . After I became a working adult , I moved to Tokyo and I lived there for 20 years. and then, I returned Fukuoka to take care of my old mother in 2019.

To be honest, Fukuoka was not my favorite city. because Fukuoka is not exciting city compare to Tokyo.

I decided to start this blog not only for travelars , but also for myself.

I try to find a lot of good side of Fukuoka so that i become to love my hometown more.

Hopefully, my blog help many travelars and make a lot of Fukuoka Lover .




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